Selective Announcements.

Last two days were quite shocking not because Kamra Air base was attacked and 20 Shias were brutally murdered near Babu Sir Pass but because it has once again resurfaced the state of denial that we are living in. How in the world such a planned attack was possible without the help of some insider and public that happen to live near the base? There are surely some rats here.

While it is true that most of the TTP members are our own Frankenstein’s monsters and now may be playing in the hands of foreign agencies but what the hell…? We should at least acknowledge that they are doing this in the name of religion whose basic theme is “Peace”. But this not the real horror. The real horror is the sympathy they enjoy amongst the educated youth of Pakistan which is in constant denial that TTP is our real enemy. Here is what I found out on my facebook page just hours after the Kamra attack:

There are many similar images to this rumbling on facebook. The message directly implicates India even labelling TTP’s acceptance of these attacks as a lie not giving it second thought that even if it was India behind these attacks, the attackers killed were not Indians. This is exactly the state of denial that I am talking about which is more disastrous than TTP’s war against us.

Now come to Naran massacre and our indifferent attitude on these killings just because those killed were of minority sect.  The next time we pose some country as a villain because it kills Muslims, we must consider our own incompetence in handling minority sect let alone minorities based on other religions. I may also not agree with some of the concepts that Ahl-e-Tashih has but I would never go out on killing spree as these barbarians have. Tolerance is what Islam preaches.

I certainly dont see the same enthusiasm and sympathies that Burmi Muslims were getting and neither I see the same treatment to both incidents. This can also be because Kamra attack helps us living in the state of denial and we can easily put the blame on India even if it is based on immature arguments but Naran attack exposes our intolerance to minority cults of Islam. People who cry on foreign hand in Kamra attack say a little about Naran attack because it shakes their denial mode and they just dont want to believe that some one in this land of pure is behind this massacre.

First step we can take is at least not to be selective in announcements. Both the announcements should have same pitch and intensity.